Family Fun Things To Do In Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland there various activities ranging from family free outdoors attractions or simply a good value for your money and also there are various places in Northern Ireland that a family can have a great day out. Below are the fun things you can do with your family in Ireland.

Titanic Belfast, Antrim
At Titanic Belfast, you get to discover the Titanic story in an insightful way and fresh way. You explore the Shipyard and travel to the depths of the ocean and learn the true legends of Titanic, in the city where it all began. There are several levels of interactive exhibits that help guests to trace the story of Titanic from its origin in Industrial Belfast to the final tragedy itself, then you will find plenty things for all ages.

Ulster museum
The museum is located in Belfast Botanic gardens and the entrance is usually free. Here you pick up your free kid’s explorer map that is complete with stickers in the welcome area. This is to help you know your way around the museum. In the museum, you get to see how big the dinosaurs and an Egyptian Mummy were and see the real treasure that was lost at the sea. Also, there is three interactive discovery center, namely discover history, art, and nature. This discovery centers are jam-packed with exciting things that the whole family can do and that they will want to visit again and again. You can also take the kids along the deadly dragons exhibitions that run on Saturdays.

Marble Arch caves and Fermanagh
The marble Arch caves Global Geopark is located in the rugged mountainous uplands and gentle rolling lowland of Fermanagh counties. This Geopark boasts some of the finest natural landscape in Ireland and it offers a window into the area 650 million years past. Here you take a walk in Cladagh Glen and have a beautiful walk alongside Claddagh river where there is a possibility to spot a red squirrel.

Armagh Planetarium, Armagh
This should be on your must-see list if you have any budding astronomers in the family. Here you get to experience 3D in the digital Theatre, traveling to the international space station as well as enjoying interactive displays that teach about the latest space news and cosmos in real time. In Armagh, there is a celestial cathedral with a gallery that are beautiful illuminated deep space images that are taken by Hubble space telescope that is framed in dramatic gothic arches and also Astrapak a scale model of the universe where guests can walk through the solar system and into the milky way and beyond. Also, the good thing is that you can design, build and launch your own rocket, which can be a fun activity for the children.

W5 Belfast
W5 is Ireland award-winning science and a discovery center at Odyssey in Belfast which makes it a great idea for the whole family. This center is encouraging both for the young and the old as they get to smell, feel and press everything in sight. Here families try Rogue Robots interactive exhibition which is challenging and also fun laser activity that creates memorable memories. It is a great value day out for all family.

Seaford Tropical gardens, Down
This has been a family home for almost 400 years. This garden offers a perfect day out for the family. You get to enjoy the beauty and experience of free- flying tropical butterflies as you walk through the steamy jungle of butterfly house. Also, you can climb Moghul tower that will ensure you survey the walled garden from above or you can simply enjoy and relax the extraordinary collections of plants and trees within seaforde’s garden. These gardens have tearooms, shops, a maze and children’s playground. This ensures that every family member is kept busy.

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